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Is Success a Greater Teacher Than Failure?

 There is a growing body of research that connects neuroscience to leadership - and one of the more fascinating discoveries is that the brain can “rewire” itself based on experience, something scientists call neuroplasticity. Recently, a team at MIT published a study documenting a popular form of environmental feedback that may trigger this rewiring – success.  Of particular interest was... read more

What Motivates Your People?

Twenty years ago, most leaders might have answered that question with a single word – money. They’d have been wrong… dozens of surveys have shown that compensation is no higher than 4th or 5th on the list of what motivates us at work.  Rather, things like recognition, challenging and interesting work, and a compelling corporate mission have been proven to... read more

The Mt. Rushmore of Development Opportunities

In all my years of coaching executives, I’ve come across some consistent development themes and behavior patterns. Some of these challenges are easy to identify and craft development plans for, such as communications, developing talent, public speaking, conflict resolution, presentation skills, and listening more effectively.  All of these opportunities have one thing in common: there exists a fairly broad understanding... read more

Character vs. Credentials

There was a great article a few years ago in Conference Board Review magazine – the article presents an argument that character is more important than credentials (which can be described as the “preferred name brands” that we all know and recognize - the string of pearls that stretches from family pedigree to well-known universities to prestigious graduate schools to brand-name employers). ... read more

Follow the Leader

I’m fascinated by movies where a bunch of people fall victim to some kind of natural disaster or freak accident, because the story inevitably revolves around a central question of leadership: “who are these people going to follow?”  It’s fun to watch as candidates emerge for the leadership role; debates and arguments ensue, people take sides, etc.  Usually the smartest,... read more