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Write Your Leadership Philosophy in Six Words

There's a literary legend that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged in a bar to write a story in only six words, a (very) brief novel that would tell a complete story. He famously wrote - some say, on the spot - “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Since then, the six word memoir has become a fun game... read more

The 25 Leadership Theories Every Manager Needs to Know

Whether you’ve been a leader for two years or twenty, you’ve learned a lot of what you know through experience. The lessons of experience are the best kind, really – you learn by doing, by making mistakes and adjusting your behavior accordingly. The more times you see a certain leadership situation, the better chance you have of responding to it... read more

The Employee Bill of Rights

What if there was a common set of “rules” for leading others? What if leaders could be held accountable to a few simple standards of behavior? What if employees had a universal set of expectations they could look forward to (or demand) from their leaders? Doesn’t this sound like something we should get excited about? Let’s pretend that we could get... read more

Ask Yourself 4 Questions Every Day

Chapter 47 in my book (Bootstrap Leadership) includes advice for asking yourself three questions every night on your commute home. These questions are designed as a quick self-reflection of your leadership:

  1. How did I show up as a leader today?
  2. What did I communicate today?
  3. Who did I develop today?
I’ve been asking audiences all summer to think about these questions – recommending that... read more

How Well Do You Know Your Company?

Here’s a little secret about many corporate leaders - they don’t have a firm grasp on how the company really works. Oh, they know what business the company is in, and they know the main products or services. But in many cases, they haven’t taken the time to really learn the business. If this resonates with you,... read more