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Put Together Your Own Board of Directors

Here’s a tip as you put together a leadership development plan – find a few people to sit on your own personal Board of Directors. What is this group going to do? They’re going to help you plan, execute, and assess your development as a leader. You’re going to brief them on your plans, and ask for their advice and... read more

Know Your Competitors

Here’s something you need to do to continue your development as a leader. It’s important to your ability to influence others, and it’s something that will get you noticed by senior leaders. What is it? Gaining knowledge and insight about the competition. As a leader, you need to become intimately familiar with what’s going on with the other players in... read more

What Motivates Your People

Twenty years ago, most leaders might have answered that question with a single word – money. They’d have been wrong… dozens of surveys have shown that compensation is no higher than 4th or 5th on the list of what motivates us at work. Rather, things like recognition, challenging and interesting work, and a compelling corporate mission have been proven to... read more

Identifying Critical Positions

So you’re a big-time leader in your company; congratulations, it feels good to be high up in the company, doesn’t it? But do you know how the company really values your role? Are you in a critical position, or are you merely occupying a “surplus” role? If you work in a sophisticated talent management company, chances are someone... read more

What’s the Best Advice You Ever Got?

In the past couple of years, at least two national publications have put out regular columns under the heading of “the best advice I ever got.” I was flipping through Fortune magazine this week and came across their latest version of the article – this time it was blown out to include six pieces of advice from the featured... read more