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Bad Bosses Can Teach You A Lot

Great news! You know that boss you hate, the one who doesn’t seem to know a thing about leading people?  Guess what – you can learn everything you need to know about leadership if you pay close attention.  Notice everything they do, and then do the opposite.  Remember how well that worked for George on Seinfeld?   Do the opposite, and... read more

50 Lessons

One of the goals of this blog is to bring you interesting and compelling leadership development resources - books, articles, websites, etc., that you can use to improve your leadership skills.  Here's a source that is pretty unique -  What's cool about this site is that it provides short (3-5 minute) video clips of leaders from all over... read more

A Coaching Story

Here’s a quick coaching story that I’ve heard for years from various leaders. This particular version is attributed to Winston Churchill, but I’ve also heard it credited to Henry Kissinger and Harry Truman (perhaps the whole story is just a legend; no matter, it’s still a great story!). Here’s how the story goes… one of Churchill’s assistants was asked to write... read more

You Know, It’s Funny… Unless it Isn’t

It's funny... I'm not sure this column has anything to do with leadership, but I'll try my best to spin it in that direction.  The fact is, I've just about had it with the "it's funny" phrase.  I swear, everyone I come into contact with starts at least one observation or opinion with these words (heck, I... read more

The Cool Little Website with the Funny Name

Given that we’re late in the summer, you’re probably finding it harder and harder to get fired up about work this month - and we still have two weeks to go before Labor Day (there’s just something wrong about working in August – I think the Europeans definitely have this one right). Anyway, if you’re not off at a beach... read more