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The Cool Little Website with the Funny Name

Given that we’re late in the summer, you’re probably finding it harder and harder to get fired up about work this month - and we still have two weeks to go before Labor Day (there’s just something wrong about working in August – I think the Europeans definitely have this one right). Anyway, if you’re not off at a beach... read more

The Need for Both Knowledge & Wisdom

The other day I was talking with a young person (defined here as a high school student) who was pretty sure they knew everything there was to know about the world (parents of teenagers - does this sound familiar?).   The subject was driving, and the response was typical of those who have learned the basics about something – if you... read more

Make the Mid-Year Check-In Work for You

In this blog, we usually talk about your leadership and how you’re working down the chain of command with your direct reports and their teams.  Let’s switch that up a bit and talk about managing up the chain – with your boss.  Summertime generally brings the mid-year development “check-in” meeting, where you meet with the boss to get his or... read more

How Transparent is Your Leadership?

Here’s an under-rated leadership skill – transparency. Transparency is the art of sharing information, or telling someone what you’re really thinking.  As a leader, your people are looking for you to be honest and forthright… in fact, they expect it.  How’s that for high standards?  From the very moment you assume a leadership position, you’re expected to be perfect in... read more

The Humble Leader

You want to know one of the secrets to great leadership? It’s balancing self-confidence and humility.   Obviously, you need to have talent to be a great leader – that’s a given.  You need to have the experience, drive, and opportunity to make big things happen.  And then, every leader needs to carry him or herself with a certain degree of... read more