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Cracking the Code on Talent

First, there was Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.  A few months later, Geoff Colvin wrote Talent is Overrated.   Then, another book by Daniel Coyle called The Talent Code, continues the theme of “greatness isn’t born – it’s grown”.   Wow – three books within the last few years dealing with how talented people get to the top of their chosen professions. Coyle is an author and... read more

The 25 Most Important Leadership Behaviors

Recently, I reviewed a number of leadership competency lists in order to make a recommendation for a company that was interested in updating their competency mandate for leaders. There are a number of good lists out there, including Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger’s list of 67 competencies (The Leadership Machine, 2001).  Leadership may be a complex animal, but it certainly has... read more

Use Business Partners in Creative Ways

One of the traits that define a great leader is intellectual curiosity. Great leaders seek an edge; they’re constantly looking for ways to beat the competition or make the organization more efficient.  That’s why one of your challenges as a leader is to be constantly looking for new ideas.  It should be a near obsession – how can we do... read more

Are You Attending a Conference This Year?

What's your plan for attending conferences this year?  Conferences and seminars can be a worthwhile investment because they feature so many of the top practioners in your field.  I know this is a difficult economic climate for conferences, and even if you’re normally a regular attendee, maybe it’s just not in the cards this year.  However, I want to put in... read more

In Praise of Warren Bennis

I've been meaning to write this piece for over a year... a look back at the writings and career of Warren Bennis, an early leadership guru who wrote about the topic for nearly 50 years.  Bennis was born in 1925 and grew up in a working-class family in New Jersey.  In 1943, he enlisted and served as one of the Army’s youngest... read more