Bootstrap Leadership Lost Chapters

Who Called this Meeting?

Conduct Effective Staff Meetings If you’re like most leaders, you attend (or lead) some efficient, well-run meetings, and probably a few really ill-defined, poorly led meetings. But meetings don’t really deserve the bad rap they’ve gotten over the years; they are a time-honored and efficient way for a group of people to discuss topics and make decisions. It’s not meetings that are to blame – its leaders who don’t create a strong meeting purpose, structure and environment. There are a lot of different types of meetings, of course, but in this chapter, we’ll discuss how to efficiently bring all of your direct reports together for an effective staff meeting…. Download the full chapter as a PDF

Go 1:1 with Your Directs

Spend Quality Time With Your Staff Time is a leader’s most precious resource. And while meetings take up space on the calendar, they can actually save executives time if they know how to leverage them. One of the best uses of your time is the 1:1 meeting with a direct report. I believe all leaders should conduct regular 1:1 meetings with each of their direct reports; this chapter spells out my agenda, topic and process recommendations. Download the full chapter as a PDF

3 Questions For Every Leader

Be Prepared for any Audience I often work with emerging or high-potential leaders in corporate leadership development programs. The programs that I design make liberal use of a concept known as “leaders as teachers’ which means that a lot of the content is taught by the company’s own senior leadership team. This chapter discusses three questions that any leader could be asked (at any time) by an audience. Download the full chapter as a PDF