Become a Leadership Development Sponsor

The most essential ingredient for robust leadership development in your company is senior executive commitment and support.  OK, we can all buy into that…seems logical and necessary.  But if you’re a leadership development professional, how do you get senior leaders on board?  And if you are a senior leader, how can you get involved? Let’s start with attracting the attention of senior executives.  Here are... read more

What’s Your Leadership Journey?

One of the best ways to track your progress as a leader is to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned throughout your career.  All of us can remember critical incidents that shaped us as leaders – times when we learned from a mistake, stepped up in a big way or had that a-ha moment that changed our leadership style. Leadership... read more

5 Things Every Leader Should Know About Their People

Yesterday, I had the privilege of facilitating a leadership program for a group of mid-level sales managers. At one point, I asked a question that I frequently ask leaders – “does your spouse, significant other, family or friends know your boss by name?” Every hand in the room went up. I don’t have to ask why – the boss is... read more

The 8 Most Critical Leadership Competencies

In their 2001 book The Leadership Machine, Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger presented a leadership competency framework that included 67 competencies. Yes, you read that right – 67. That’s a lot of competencies for us to master! Based on extensive research, the list covers the universe of leadership competencies, from “price of admission” skills like ethics and integrity to... read more

Great Advice from Two Long-Term CEOs

This past week I read an interesting article about the longevity of America’s CEOs. According to a Booz Allen Hamilton research study, less than ½ of all CEOs hired to run the country’s 2500 largest companies are still in the job eight years later (I knew the prospects for Fortune 500 CEOs were bleak, but it’s telling that even... read more