Explain the Why

Let’s pick up where our last column left off. When we last left Rocky and President Obama (an old cartoon reference for you over-50 types… remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?), we were talking about the power of critical incidents as learning opportunities. At issue was whether the President and his team have forgotten to “turn around and see if... read more

Three Questions to Ask Every Employee

In your management career, there will come a time (perhaps several times) when you’re a little unsure of what’s going on below you. You’re focused on higher level work, crafting strategy, meeting with key customers, etc – but you start to notice that things aren’t running as smoothly as they could on your team or in your department or division.... read more

The 5 Traits of an Admired Leader

One of the easiest and best ways to improve as a leader is to develop a point of view about leadership. The act of crafting your leadership definition or sharing your leadership journey requires that you actually THINK about leadership in a deep and meaningful way – which all by itself will put you on the path to better leadership. Here’s... read more

What’s Your Leadership Family Tree?

Let’s build on the previous column that listed the top U.S. corporate leadership factories, and bring the concept of developing leaders down to your level. As in you, specifically – how many leaders have you developed in your career? Do you know where they are today? How large are their teams? What impact are they having... read more

Write Your Leadership Philosophy in Six Words

There's a literary legend that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged in a bar to write a story in only six words, a (very) brief novel that would tell a complete story. He famously wrote - some say, on the spot - “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Since then, the six word memoir has become a fun game... read more