Talent Mangagement

The 5 Critical Outcomes of Talent Review

Most talent management professionals are familiar with the process of Talent Review, which is generally defined as an enterprise-wide evaluation of the organization’s leadership talent. Typically facilitated by HR, the process involves collecting and “rolling up” a series of talent assessments (made by line managers) into a high-level meeting with the executive team, where decisions are made (ideally) about how... read more

Recognition Tips

Are You Recognizing Your People? Winning cultures recognize employee behavior and performance, and they do it formally and regularly.   Here are some ideas you might consider implementing…

  • A Top Excellence Award – given annually to a department or team that had a great year. Comes with a trophy or some nice glass-cut award…
  • Your Personal Recognition Award – something fun and... read more

What Motivates Your People?

Twenty years ago, most leaders might have answered that question with a single word – money. They’d have been wrong… dozens of surveys have shown that compensation is no higher than 4th or 5th on the list of what motivates us at work.  Rather, things like recognition, challenging and interesting work, and a compelling corporate mission have been proven to... read more

Character vs. Credentials

There was a great article a few years ago in Conference Board Review magazine – the article presents an argument that character is more important than credentials (which can be described as the “preferred name brands” that we all know and recognize - the string of pearls that stretches from family pedigree to well-known universities to prestigious graduate schools to brand-name employers). ... read more

Managing Remote Employees

When traveling around the country to speak to leadership audiences, I often get asked questions about managing remote employees.  Here are a few simple tips that we discuss:

  • Schedule trips to go see them in person (or have them come to you) and leave lots of time to socialize and network
  • Send them updates often - or ask them to... read more