Talent Mangagement

Make the Mid-Year Check-In Work for You

In this blog, we usually talk about your leadership and how you’re working down the chain of command with your direct reports and their teams.  Let’s switch that up a bit and talk about managing up the chain – with your boss.  Summertime generally brings the mid-year development “check-in” meeting, where you meet with the boss to get his or... read more

Cracking the Code on Talent

First, there was Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.  A few months later, Geoff Colvin wrote Talent is Overrated.   Then, another book by Daniel Coyle called The Talent Code, continues the theme of “greatness isn’t born – it’s grown”.   Wow – three books within the last few years dealing with how talented people get to the top of their chosen professions. Coyle is an author and... read more

Does Talent Trump Experience?

A few years ago, while watching our sons play a full morning of round-robin travel team basketball to prepare for the season, my friend Bill and I were discussing the 2008 presidential election. While Bill and I both voted for Obama, he had some reservations about his experience, a common theme during the campaign. Indeed, by many standards, Obama does... read more

What Are Your Team’s Most Effective Practices?

I want to explore (and shamelessly steal) a term that a reader coined this past week in the comments section of this column. In case you missed it, the reader weighed in with this gem… "It’s about time we all stopped using the term "best practice" - really, it's almost impossible to say that one practice is going to be... read more

What If Business Leaders Had to Campaign For Their Roles?

Watching the presidential election unfold these last few months got me thinking about the comparison between politics and business. Usually, I think elected officials could benefit from some hard driving business methods - alignment, fiscal responsibility, good execution, a relentless focus on results, attention to customer needs, etc. Lately though, I’m thinking that maybe business might be able to learn... read more