Talent Mangagement

Who Matters in Your Organization?

If you work in a big company, it seems logical that Wall Street cares about your talent management practices. Or do they? According to a new study by DDI, 36 of 50 Wall Street analysts surveyed said they rarely, if ever, look beyond the succession plans for the CEO when evaluating the company’s prospects. In other words,... read more

Establish Two Layers of Performance Objectives

Yesterday, I spent the day with a client that has a compelling corporate mission, one that drives everything they do. It was inspiring to hear them talk about their goals and objectives, because everything was grounded in what it meant for their customers and the greater good. It was clear that these people knew why they were working, and what... read more

The Top Leadership Factories

I always travel with a stack of articles I’ve torn out of magazines – it makes for lighter traveling, and since much of the stuff I read is relatively timeless, it allows me to work through the readings at my own pace. This weekend, I found a 2008 USA Today article stuck between a couple of HBR articles –... read more

Five Powerful Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports

Many of you are probably getting ready to deliver performance appraisal feedback in the next few weeks. Be sure to prepare well in advance, and remember to listen carefully to your direct reports during the session. Be candid, be clear, and use examples when giving your impression of their results and competencies. As the session turns to planning for 2011, ask... read more

What Motivates Your People

Twenty years ago, most leaders might have answered that question with a single word – money. They’d have been wrong… dozens of surveys have shown that compensation is no higher than 4th or 5th on the list of what motivates us at work. Rather, things like recognition, challenging and interesting work, and a compelling corporate mission have been proven to... read more