CEO Express Brings the World to Your Fingertips

One of the goals of this column is to recommend resources that I think you might find useful as a leader. And sometimes the best resource is a collection of a lot of different resources, all in one place. Needless to say, this resource is on the internet – it’s called CEO Express – and can be found at

CEO Express is simple in its purpose and focus: Help the busy executive find information, fast. CEO Express is essentially a compendium of source links for news and information. In terms of news, the content ranges from business to international, accessed through a variety of sources including newspapers, TV, magazines, newsletters and blogs. Included are all the traditional sources, but also some provocative ones like the Drudge Report, Topix, and Google News.

What’s really impressive to me are the research based links that executives can tap into for specific topics. Here are some examples of links that are available to gain more business knowledge: Knowledge @ Wharton, INSEAD, McKinsey Quarterly, and a variety of white papers on strategy, finance, marketing, etc. In addition, there are several links that go deeper into technical detail and research from government and other organizations such as the SEC, Standard & Poor’s, Bureau of Labor, US Census, Homeland Security, the Federal Register, the IRS, and many others. Executives can quickly access links that specialize in small business, banking and finance, law, online marketing, investing, as well as a number of links that provide in-depth company research. Finally, for the traveling executive, the site has all of the common travel links in one convenient location, along with weather, travel tips, etc.

For a small annual fee, you can become a member and customize your content. For my money, CEO Express is a great one-stop shop for web-based links; it’s a nice starting place for moving quickly to the source for information or research you need to stay on top of your game.