How to Evaluate a New Job Opportunity

In the last couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of helping a couple of friends evaluate a potential new leadership opportunity in another company (despite the economy, there is still some movement going on, and good talent will always be in high demand). In helping my friends make the final stay vs. go decision, I recommend they answer seven key questions, based on the information they have at the time.  Rating each of these on a 1-5 scale, you can add up the “scores” to at least get another data point to consider when determining what to do.  Here are the questions and the challenge:

1) Rate each job/company in terms of how well it will provide:

1 – Interesting & Challenging Work (this is so you won’t get bored)

2 – Ability to Continue Learning & Growing (you know why this matters)

3 – Culture (how comfortable do you/will you feel working here?)

4 – Reputation of the Company in the Marketplace (this matters for your resume)

5 – Total Compensation (‘nuff said)

6 – Geography (is this someplace you want to live?)

7 – Boss (to the extent you can ascertain how this will play out)

If the new opportunity only marginally improves these factors, you better think twice about the decision. But if the new opportunity significantly improves these seven factors, why wouldn’t you take it?

Perhaps this set of questions will be useful to you personally some day, but I’m certain you can use them in the mean time to help members of your team who may come to you for advice and counsel on their own movement decisions. And if they’re a high performer, I hope the analysis comes out in favor of you and your company!