Make Meetings Work for You

Ah, meetings. A quick show of hands from everyone who just loves sitting in meetings… what, no hands in the air?  Not surprised.  Most meetings are a waste of time – yet we keep going to them, or as managers, keep calling them.  What choice do we have?  You work with more than 1 other person, and you’re going to be hanging out in meetings.  That’s just the way the modern organization works (btw, ever wonder what meetings were like 200 years ago? – not sure how long they lasted, or what the protocol was, but at least there were no blackberry’s or iPhones!).

Well, if you can’t stop going to meetings, the least you can do is help make them more productive. To do so, check out a website that can help you make your next meeting a lot more efficient and effective.  It’s called, and it has a number of tips and techniques for making any meeting a lot more pleasant.

This cool resource is the brainchild of Smart Technologies, a company that specializes in automated productivity solutions. has a number of tools and processes that can help you master any meeting, including setting agendas, making impactful presentations, using time wisely, and making meetings fun (yeah!).  Featured advice is provided from the “Meeting Guru”, a tongue-in-cheek blog-style columnist that answers your questions about meeting dynamics.  Another neat feature is the Diversions section, which provides quizzes and other interactive tools to test your meeting expertise and make you the toast of the next assembly.

Every manager could use a little help in making meeting work for them, instead of being a drag on productivity and morale. Check out this site if you want to do something about your crazy meetings; there just might be an idea or a tip here that you can use – consider it a gift to yourself and your team!