One More Developing Idea for Senior Leaders

Last week, we explored topics that companies can (and should) be creating training for to align and educate senior leaders. The previous column listed 6 areas where I believe companies have an opportunity (and an obligation) to raise the collective game of their senior executives (while building relationships along the way).  However, I forgot one that I’d like to add as an addendum – community and corporate responsibility.  

How much more volunteerism and charity work could be created if the company put the proper context, tools, and training in front of their top leaders? Imagine the power of teaching every senior executive to leverage community and charitable projects as teambuilding or leadership development opportunities.  How great would it be if EVERY senior leader shared his or her experience working with non-profit organizations in a roundtable session?  What if the company made an effort to get all leaders involved as board members or pro-bono consultants do their charity foundations in their region?

Add company-sponsored seminars on ‘giving back” for your senior executives, and ask the CEO to get personally involved as a role-model. This is an area of responsibility that a lot of senior leaders don’t fully grasp or drive deep in their groups.  Raise the bar for your top executives, and get them thinking beyond budgets and project plans.  This is awareness, inspiration and skill-building that will pay huge dividends, well beyond the four walls of your organization.