Smart Briefings on Leadership

If you have time to scan one more daily email as you start your day, here’s one devoted specifically to leadership that I find worthwhile.  It’s called SmartBrief on Leadership, and it’s a daily compilation of leadership news and ideas collected from hundreds of sources, from top newspapers to hard-to-find research reports.

The SmartBrief editors pick the most relevant and important news from all over, summarize it, link to the original sources and deliver it to your email box in one-stop-shop e-newsletters.  Nearly 3 million subscribers are opening SmartBrief emails every day to follow pertinent news in 25 different industries.  In addition, SmartBrief publishes several daily “best practice” sites, such as the one I follow on leadership; others include daily compilations on topics such as workforce, entrepreneurs, social media and sustainability.  Subscriptions are free, and are offered in partnership with more than 100 leading trade associations, professional networking groups, etc.

Most days, I can get through the email in about 2 minutes, scanning for content I want to explore in more detail… each email includes about five or six articles, as well as archives to past editions, leadership quotes, etc.  It’s a worthwhile daily investment in your development, one that’s easy to navigate and fit into your day.  Check it out – and starting getting smarter about leadership!