Three Great (Free) Websites

I was updating my online “favorites” list the other day (taking my own advice to check in with these sources on a regular basis) and wanted to pass along three websites that I believe provide excellent, high quality writing and thought leadership on organizations, leadership and coaching.

The authors of these websites will be familiar to you – Dave Ulrich, Jim Collins, and Marshall Goldsmith. Here’s what you’ll find on these sites…

  1. Dave Ulrich is a prolific writer who has long championed a more robust position for HR, and has a long track record of writing great stuff on leadership. His company, The RBL Group, has recently reengineered their website to feature a treasure trove of books, articles, and research project summaries that you can tap into for great content. Check out some of Dave’s foundational thinking about leadership at, and get a preview of latest book – HR Transformation.
  2. Jim Collins also has a new book out – it’s called How the Mighty Fall, and you can read about it and get a host of other original articles from Jim at I particular like the way the articles, tools and videos are indexed by topic so you can zero in quickly on what you want to read.
  3. Marshall Goldsmith’s site just keeps growing – his online library is filled with free articles, columns, interviews, webcasts, podcasts, audios and videos. The material at is a rich source for tips and advice about coaching and leadership development.

It’s tempting to say you don’t need any other sources than these to keep up with the latest, best thinking on leadership and coaching. But even these authors wouldn’t recommend such a narrow source for your ideas and point of view. Still, these three sites belong at the top of your favorites list… just be sure you’re visiting them on a regular basis, because these guys keep adding great content!

Happy reading – you’ll definitely sound a lot smarter when trying to influence up and around the company if you’re checking in on a regular basis with these three gurus…