Work Backwards From The End Game

Next on the list of “12 things I’ve learned about work” is # 9 – work backwards from the end game.  This is a simple way to solve problems or study an issue – start with the outcome you’d like to achieve.  Describe it, reach consensus on it, and then start to work backwards from the end – “OK, given that final outcome or result, what has to happen for us to achieve that?”  Included in this step is answering the context question – “why is this important?”  Then, start to develop answers to these 5 classic planning questions:

  •  Resources – who has to be involved?
  • Timing – when does this have to be decided or completed?
  • Budget – how much will this cost?
  • Connections – how does this decision or outcome affect other aspects of our business?
  • Stakeholders – who needs to know about this, and when?Answering the “who” “where” “when” “why” and” how” questions is a lot easier when you know the “what.” That’s what working backwards from the end game is all about…