Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A Unique Development Experience

Every leader has the capacity for improvement, and executive coaching is often the right catalyst to help leaders take their game to the next level.  As a leadership coach for the past 20+ years, I have helped dozens of executives raise their game through insight, self-reflection, and dedicated behavior change.

I believe in coaching for results, and create a safe environment for the leader to embrace feedback and focus on key areas of development.   I challenge leaders to reflect on their leadership brand, practice new leadership behaviors, and open themselves up for additional input from others.

I specialize in coaching senior executives who have moved rapidly through the organization, but who now find they must use an expanded set of skills to influence and drive results.  My past coaching clients include GE, Lockheed Martin, PayPal, AOL, Siemens, MetLife, Nuestar, Capital One, BAE Systems, Marriott, Freddie Mac, NBC Universal, Time Warner and Rosetta Stone, among others.

Executive Onboarding

Accelerate Your Success with Feedback and Insight

Hiring a new executive represents a substantial investment, yet most companies don’t do anything to ensure the new leader gets off to a fast start; the prevailing attitude is “if they’re good, they’ll figure it out”.

I provide a comprehensive approach to executive onboarding that ensures the new leader is set up for success by clearly understanding the business challenges, climate, and result objectives of the role.  The process includes a report that details input from key stakeholders, alignment sessions with the manager, a facilitated team assimilation meeting, and a six-month check-in featuring 360° feedback.