Great companies have one thing in common: strong leadership. It’s no accident that the best companies develop an endless pipeline of competent executives. They invest the time and energy to identify talent, plan moves, and assess leadership potential to ensure they have the right leaders in the right roles.

Every leader has the potential to improve… but you have to work at it. You have to want to get better if you’re going to become a more effective leader. No one can do this for you – this is your responsibility as a leader.

Bootstrap Leadership is a how-to book of leadership self-development. In 50 brief chapters, executive coach Steve Arneson shares his ideas, tips and techniques for improving current skills or developing new ones. Most of the ideas do not require a budget or an elaborate infrastructure – they’re open to anyone who wants to raise their leadership game.

Taking your leadership to another level isn’t just smart; it’s also the right thing to do. True leaders make everyone around them better, and it starts with role-modeling a passion for continuous learning and development.

It is possible to get better each day as a leader.  Let Bootstrap Leadership show you how to create your own personalized development agenda.

Your most important work relationship is the one you have with your boss. But sometimes, your boss can be hard to read, or has hidden motives that guide his or her behavior. Your boss isn’t going to change for you – don’t waste your time trying. The solution lies in figuring out what makes your boss tick and adapting your own work style to make the relationship better. But how do you do that?

In this practical guide, executive coach Steve Arneson shows how to find the answers to 15 essential questions that will help you understand your boss’ leadership style, goals, and motives. Vivid real-world examples demonstrate Arneson’s advice in action and show clearly how this process can be used to gain the insights needed to produce a more meaningful and productive work life.

Once you’ve studied your boss and the roots of the relationship, you’re ready to make changes in your own attitude and behavior. By changing your boss story, and adapting new approaches, you can improve and get more out of the relationship.